About Jimi

This will take some serious work but I'm sure you can help me with a short description now can't you?

Well, we got our first description :-)

In colors Jimi was blue, red, white, yellow, green and orange, depending on the day.
In food he was chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream, bananas, and pudding.
In thoughts he was kind, merciful, gentle, cute, funny, could be serious but not often, and faithful.
In prayer he was sincere.
In play he was completely crazy.  He could and would do anything for a laugh.
In cleanliness he was anal.  His house was cleaner than mine, dammit!
In work he was determined to do his best.  He could be depended upon and I don't think there were too many things that he couldn't do.  I often told him how intelligent he was.  He totally impressed me with his talents.
In music he was great!

- Dee