The current number of people that will be in attendance (Facebook) and email 20

The current number of riders (confirmed) 8

Current list of who's bringing what to the picnic See the table below



This years ride is going to be downriver. 

For those of you that have questions about Jimi or what happened and have been afraid to ask, I say to you "ASK AWAY!" please! 
Just send me an email, or send me your number and we can chat!

I have started a preliminary flyer and hope to have it done in the near future.

We will again have Tee shirts available this year for the ride, they will be as inexpensive as I can get them, and this year the colors have yet to be chosen. I'll post the price and ordering info as soon as I have them confirmed.

You can now sign up to be a part of the email group for the ride on the Contact page .

Who What Contact Info. Riding? (Y/N)